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4 Storm Clean-Up Solutions to Reclaim Your Peace After Chaos Strikes

With an everincreasing number of hurricanes and destructive natural disasters, storm clean-up solutions are becoming more and more important for homeowners. These steps can help you begin to reclaim peace and order on your property after Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc.

#1. Assess the Damage

Before jumping straight into clean-up, it’s wise to thoroughly assess the damage. Ensure there are no power lines down near your property. If there are, there’s an increased risk for electrocution — especially if there’s standing water, too. In that case, call 911 and/or the power provider to alert them of the danger. In the case of a hurricane with soft ground and weakened trees, be wary before stepping under anything that may fall.

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Additionally, you’ll want to survey your property for any damage to structures or vehicles. Be sure to call your insurance provider and/or document everything with photos before clearing the damage and debris. This is especially true for structure fires — in that case, you also need to wait for clearance from the fire department before beginning the clean-up process.

Lastly, you’ll want to be aware that there may be rocks, stones, branches, and other debris that isn’t ordinarily there. Watch your step and tread carefully through mud and water.

#2. Rent a Roll Off Dumpster, the Best Storm Clean-Up Solution

Cleaning up after a storm is much easier with a roll off dumpster rental. Instead of taking several trips to the landfill, you can get it all done with one convenient container. Our team can deliver your rental as soon as the next day in most cases. This allows you to get your house and life back in order ASAP!

#3. Collect Debris with Loved Ones

If there’s a lot of work to be done, see about getting a group together as part of your storm clean-up solution. More hands make less work, and being around your friends and family can help improve your mood after a damaging weather event. If you have kids or teens, it will help get them outside — and there are plenty of ways to turn it into a competition! Who can carry the most branches at once? Who can clean up their section fastest? Gamifying the clean-up process will make it go much faster, and turn a potentially dark day into a fun one.

#4. Call for Pick-Up and Peace of Mind

Once all the debris is cleared, just give us a call and we’ll pick up your dumpster rental and take it to the landfill. With that, your yard will look like the storm never happened! And, you can breathe a little easier next time there is a hurricane or tornado knowing that Breeding Roll Off Service is just a call away with your storm clean-up solutions.

Ready to get things back in order after a storm or natural disaster? Book your rental dumpster now!