Permits and Regulations for Rental Dumpsters

Wondering what permits and regulations for rental dumpsters are necessary? We’ve compiled everything you may need to address to avoid problems with your town, county, or H.O.A.!

Courteous Dumpster Rental Placement

The most important thing when using a rental dumpster is to use common sense and courtesy. Avoid blocking driveways or roads, and make sure the dumpster is placed somewhere out of the way of foot or vehicle traffic. By following this golden rule, you can avoid a lot of the more specific problems below!

Get Clearance for Projects in Congested Areas

When working in more congested areas, you might need to get clearance or approval from a local government office. For example, if you need to place a dumpster in downtown Easton, MD, you’re going to want to call them and ask for the necessary permits and regulations for rental dumpsters. If the container is going to be in the street, you will need to use traffic/safety cones.

Use Cones and Markers

As mentioned above, when a dumpster is placed on the street, cones are often required. However, it’s still a great idea to use cones and markers even if the dumpster is going to be fully on your property. This helps our drivers know exactly where you would like your dumpster rental placed! Other methods of communicating this include spray paint, marker flags, or by calling and letting us know.

Ask Your H.O.A. (Home Owner’s Association)

Every home owner’s association is different, and while most will not have an issue with a dumpster rental, it’s necessary to ask. They may have guidelines about the visibility of the dumpster, where it may be placed, or other rules to maintain the look of your neighborhood. Often, even just providing them the heads up will be appreciated and prevent any issues.

Respect Property Lines

Lastly, always respect the property lines. The quickest way to have officials called or to get complaints from neighbors is to have your rental encroaching on someone else’s parcel. If you are not sure where the property line begins or ends, look for markers at the corners of your property or ask your neighbor. Again, a heads up oftentimes prevents any feuds from starting!

We hope you feel confident in your knowledge of permits and regulations for rental dumpsters after reading this. If you still have questions or concerns, check our FAQ page or give us a call!