July 24, 2020

Year Round Maintenance

We may be in the perfect time of summer where we’re full swing into the season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain our yards or begin new projects. While interior home improvement projects may be a one-time job, your landscaping requires constant and regular upkeep. We’ve put together a year-round yard guide with expert advice and handy resources! Year-Round Yard Maintenance Checklist [   ] Initial Lawn Clean Up You’ve had a long break off
Looking to renovate your bathroom in a wallet-friendly way? Right behind kitchen renovations, remodeling a bathroom can quickly add up to an expensive overhaul. But it doesn’t have to be. With a plan set in place and a little creativity, you can stay on budget and on track with your bathroom renovation. What’s the cost? The average cost of a bathroom remodel is $9,798, but homeowners can easily spend up to $14,191 on the high
From plastic plates and cups to microwave dinners or fast food containers, the packaging waste can pile up quickly and maliciously in your home. According to Recycling Revolution, nearly 65 percent of an average landfill is made up of packaging materials and packaging from household trash. Knowing this kind of information makes us want to strive to leave a better blueprint behind us and we hope it does the same for you. Start small and
While the man cave had a lot of traction back in the 1990s, the she shed has taken storm and taken off. Women too want kid-free, spouse-free retreats – somewhere to garden, read, or simply stare out of the window in solitude. Rightfully so, everyone needs a space to re-load from the world every now and then. However, with the craze often comes the price tag unless you’re willing to get a little creative. “The
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As an entrepreneur and a landlord, you want to keep the business going with as many affordable investments as you can. The best way to get the most out of your rental is by bringing a little DIY can-do attitude into it. When renovating your property, it’s important to allocate your time and money to the areas that will give you the most return. If you find yourself in between clients, take this time to
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