image of environmental benefits of roll off container

Environmental Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal

The environmental benefits of proper waste disposal are many. Besides contributing to our mission of Keeping Delmarva Clean, it has other health and financial benefits you won’t want to overlook!

Improves Air and Water Quality

Put simply, litter causes pollution. Chemicals and microplastics can seep into soil and freshwater sources, harming the quality of our local food and water. Improperly or illegally burning trash will also contribute to air pollution, since it can release toxic emissions. For your health and the health of the community around you, please dispose responsibly!

Helps Protect Wildlife

Researchers estimate that over one million animals are killed by improperly disposed of trash every single year. Plastic waste is particularly harmful to marine wildlife, such as dolphins, fish, whales, and turtles. On a more local scale, litter can be harmful to the life in our beautiful Chesapeake Bay, creeks, rivers, and streams. Even beloved pets can potentially come across litter and ingest something hazardous. Proper waste disposal with a Breeding Roll Off container keeps trash where it belongs: the landfill!

Avoids Attracting Pests (and Diseases)

While we love the wildlife on Delmarva, there are some critters you don’t want hanging around. Improper disposal of trash can attract hoards of vectors, who will then come into contact with the viruses and parasites living in the garbage. (Or, you may come into contact with these germs directly!) Either way, littering increases the occurrence of pests and the transmission of unhealthy biohazards. If you’ve been procrastinating your clean up a little, this should definitely make you want to get started!

Decreases Crime and Littering, Increases Home Values

Studies have shown that areas already covered in trash will create a perceived “social norm” of littering. This will cause more people to litter in the area, because it’s already “dirty”. In addition, there is a statistical correlation between crime and litter. For a safer and more beautiful neighborhood, be sure to dispose of your waste properly.

Trash can have a big impact on your home equity, too. Homeowners, realtors, and prospective buyers agree: trash significantly decreases what a home is worth. In commercial areas, litter decreases the number of customers and sales. Waterfront destinations are particularly impacted by this, since trash floating on shorelines makes it unattractive and unsafe. Financially, responsible trash disposal is the smart thing to do!

Prevents Fires

Lastly, trash fires cause millions of dollars in damage each year. One carelessly discarded cigarette butt can set the whole area ablaze; something nobody wants! Keeping your properties free and clear of litter will help prevent these damaging fires.

Ready to clean up your area for all the environmental benefits? Rent a dumpster today!