Waste Collection Tips

Waste Collection Tips

Roll off dumpsters aren't just for contractors, builders, and businesses: we offer residential dumpster rentals for your home! Many customers choose us for things such as estate clean-outs, yard debris removal, and other home waste disposal needs.
Large-scale cleanups can feel daunting, even with a convenient Breeding Roll Off container on site. Below, our experts have outlined the crucial tips you need to know for efficient waste collection!
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Place your dumpster strategically

  • When you reserve your dumpster, be sure to tell the associate where you would like your dumpster placed. If you're clearing out a home, you may want it to be closer to the door for convenient waste disposal. If you're doing lawn care, you might want the dumpster placed close to the bulk of the debris. Planning ahead for the location of your roll off container can save you a lot of steps and effort!

Separate household trash and lawn debris

  • While you can place both lawn debris and trash in the same container if need-be, we recommend separating them if you have enough material to fill two separate cans. This is because cans that ONLY have lawn debris do not require a landfill charge! Save yourself a few dollars and lots of hassle by separating your natural material and household trash.

photo of lawn debris dumpster rental in maryland

Set tires aside until your dumpster is full

  • We require tires to be placed on top of all other trash, since they incur an additional fee to dispose of. If you have tires that you plan to put in the dumpster, set them to the side and place them in last.

Avoid hazardous materials

  • For both your health and the safety of our drivers and folks on the road, please refrain from putting hazardous materials in your Breeding Roll Off dumpster. Asbestos, batteries, and other harmful chemicals are not allowed. Any old containers holding liquids should be emptied.

Place heavy items on the bottom, or separately

  • If you are only disposing of concrete, rocks, and dirt, we offer a flat rate to recycle those products. If you need to put both that type of item and regular waste in the same container, you may, but it will have to go to the landfill. Heavy items like rocks and appliances should go in first, at the bottom. Next, throw in medium items like furniture and wood. Last, light items like regular household trash or sticks and twigs go on top.
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If you follow all of these waste collection tips, your dumpster rental experience will be a breeze! If you still have questions or concerns about making the most of your rental, give us a call; our experts are happy to give you more tips and tricks for a smooth experience!