Relocation & Moving: Waste Disposal

Relocating and moving are a big deal. The waste disposal doesn’t have to be! With a Breeding Roll Off container, all those broken down boxes and decades of junk can just be tossed — right in your front yard — and then we’ll take it from there.

Doing this type of serious decluttering before a move has serious benefits: lower costs, less supplies, and less time. Below, our team of roll off experts share their tips for a smooth move.

Downsize as You Go

Instead of thinking of downsizing and packing as 2 separate tasks, think of them as parts of a whole. Pick an item up and decide if it is really important to bring with you to your new home, if someone else could get use out of it, or if it should just go in the roll off dumpster. This way, you’re packing (and carrying) less items overall to your new place without having to do a big cleaning separately — and you’ll have less to unpack when you arrive, too.

    image of clothing for relocation and moving

    Separate the Non-Safe Items

    While almost anything and everything from your old home can go in one of our dumpsters, there are a few exceptions. Medications, cleaning supplies, oil, liquid paint, chemicals, batteries, hot ashes, and hazardous materials should never be put in our roll off containers. Thank you for keeping everyone safe!

      Enjoy Relocating and Moving Perks

      We all love going a little Marie Kondo, especially during relocating and moving. However, it’s important to have a few things in your home that make you happy. Whether it’s a new painting for the wall or simply a set of fresh sheets, those finishing touches are what makes a move finally feel complete.

        image of packing for relocation and moving


        Congratulations on your new place! We hope that this guide (and our dumpster rental) made your relocation and moving just a little easier. Remember: we are always just a call away if you need to dispose of more!