image of lifecycle of roll off dumpster

Lifecycle of a Roll Off Dumpster

Ever wondered about the lifecycle of a roll off dumpster? Below, we’ve gone through the journey from manufacturing to disposal.

Manufacturing with Reinforced Steel

Their construction from reinforced steel, rather than plastic like most other types of bins, contributes to the environmental friendliness of roll off dumpsters. We typically purchase our containers from a few different vendors:

These dumpsters generally have fully welded inseams to make the container walls and floor as strong as possible. Usually, it is then time to apply a rust-inhibiting primer. Dumpsters come in a variety of colors, but our favorite is definitely green! Lastly, containers are certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) before they are deployed for use.

Extra-Large Delivery!

Once we place our order for new dumpsters, the delivery takes a few weeks. When they arrive via big-rig delivery, they are completely blank. This is the stage where we put our brand name and phone number on them with vinyl decals! Then, the dumpster is ready to be delivered to your home, business, or construction site.

image of lifecycle of a roll off dumpster clean no branding

At Least a Decade of Use

Thanks to their strong construction and steel material, these dumpsters last at least 10 years on average. Based on a 30-yard container, each holds the equivalent waste of roughly 13 pickup truck loads or 190 extra-large trash bags. Even if it’s only filled and dumped once per week, that’s 6,760 truck loads and 98,800 trash bags over 10 years!

Disposal / Recycling

Dumpsters are ready for retirement once they get too dirty, damaged, or rusty to continue using. At that point, we recycle the dumpster. Since it’s made of reinforced steel, dumpsters can essentially be melted down and the material will possibly go towards creating a brand new one!

image of lifecycle of a roll off dumpster melting steel

Now that you know a bit about the cycle of a roll off container’s life, you’re ready to book one!