A Guide to Choosing the Right Dumpster Size for Your Next Project

Choosing the right dumpster size doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easy with this guide from our roll off experts! Keep reading for everything you will need to consider while choosing the right dumpster size for your next project.

Physical Location

One top consideration for dumpster rental size is where you need to place it. Sometimes, customers need to be able to fit their rental dumpster in between houses, in tight driveways, or even in busy downtown areas. When you’ve got a limited amount of space to work with, we would recommend our 15-yard dumpster. It’s half the length of the others, making it possible to squeeze in just about anywhere.

image of choosing the right dumpster size

What Kind of Waste

Another factor to think about when choosing the right size for your next project is going to be what type of waste you’re planning to throw out. If you’re dealing with heavy materials, such as concrete or dirt, we recommend our 20-yard container. It has shorter sides, which help prevent overloading. Our limit is 70,000 pounds, so lighter material like hay or organic material might be okay in a larger can, even if filled to the top.

Availability and Schedule

Arguably the most important factor to consider will be availability and schedule. While we have a robust fleet of over 450 dumpsters and 8 trucks, there are limitations. During busy times, you might be able to get a certain size sooner than another. Tthat might be of higher importance to you than the actual size if you’re working on a tight schedule. It may also be more convenient for you to go for a larger size to reduce the number of times we have to pick up and dump your container during your rental period, offering cost savings.

image of roll off cans in yard

Get Help Choosing the Right Dumpster Size

There are many things that may influence your decision in choosing the right dumpster size for your next project. If you’re still not sure which size will work best for you, check out our Dumpster Sizes page for a more complete breakdown of common uses for each size. Or, just give us a ring and our team can help match you with the perfect dumpster!