5 Dumpster Rental Safety Tips

Dumpster rental safety tips may not be at the top of your mind. However, we want to be sure that each customer is using their rental container safely and responsibly to prevent injury or damage. Below, check out our top dumpster rental safety tips to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your rental period!

#1. Respect the Fill Line

On every dumpster, there is a sticker that says something along the lines of: “Do Not Fill Above This Line.” It’s not just there for decoration! Overfilling your dumpster can result in materials falling out. This causes safety concerns for several reasons. Depending on the height of the dumpster, items could fall on someone even when immobile. In addition, debris will fly off while transporting your trash to the landfill, which could cause injury or damage.

#2. Don’t Try to Move the Dumpster

One of the most crucial dumpster rental safety tips is to not attempt to move the dumpster after we deliver it. Our dumpsters can weigh between 3,000-7,000 pounds, so without the required equipment, moving it is very unsafe. We can accommodate placing your dumpster wherever it’s desired. Simply place out cones, paint, or let us know where to deliver the dumpster. In the case that you need your roll off container relocated after delivery, please give us a call. Instead of you attempting a dangerous move, we will relocate your dumpster free of charge!

#3. No Horseplay!

It should go without saying, but no horseplay is allowed in or on our dumpsters. Trying to climb the sides or jump in might sound fun, but a dumpster is a tool. It has components that may be sharp, heavy, or otherwise injurious. In addition, you could fall or hit your head. Plus, if attempting these activities alone, you might even get stuck in the dumpster with nobody to help you out. It’s best to avoid all of this entirely and follow the general rule: no horseplay.

#4. Toss From Nearby

It might be tempting to see your garbage fly down from the roof and into the container. However, please follow our dumpster rental safety tips and refrain from doing this! Throwing debris from great heights or distances can have unwanted results. Items can shatter and send sharp debris around the area. Or, you could miss entirely and hit someone or something dead on! It’s best to always throw your items in the dumpster from the ground. Most roll off container sides are not too high to reach over, or you may use your dumpster door.

#5. Be Mindful of Fire Risks

Do not place any waste items that are still hot in your dumpster. Ashes or freshly cut items that are still hot can potentially cause a dumpster fire — literally!

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