How Do You Reduce Waste In The Workplace?

workplace waste removal

Have you ever thought about the amount of waste you make on a daily basis? At home, at the office? Your trash accumulates with every plastic bag, paper coffee cup, plastic fork, and Styrofoam plate. Waste isn’t limited to food. Office supplies also add to your workplace waste footprint. While we aren’t a recycling company per say, we do know a thing or two about waste. We at Breeding Roll Off Service came up with this checklist to help limit waste and create a healthier lifestyle and environment.


The art of packing your own lunch creates many benefits for you and others. When you bring your own lunch, you save money. The money you save adds up over the course of the year. And you’ll eat healthier that way too! Get your coworkers involved in lunchtime with themed leftovers day (Taco Tuesday anyone?) And go the extra “waste reduction” mile and store your lunch in reusable containers. Reusable containers can save a day’s worth of trash, and if you do it every workday, you could save upwards of 250 days of waste in a year!


A U.S. office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year, according to the EPA. The easiest way to avoid using paper is by sending important documents and presentations via email rather than as handouts. Don’t forget to recycle the paper you do use! One ton of paper recycled saves enough energy to power a home for six months and saves about 7,000 gallons of water. If your company or home doesn’t have one, look into getting a paper recycling bin or service. Try taking electronic notes in meetings to reduce paper use. 


Try refillable pens and printer ink. Use both sides of the page in your notebook. Use paperclips instead of staples. Maintain computer hardware and keep software up to date to ensure the business is running efficiently. Bring a couple sets of real silverware and wash them after each lunch at work so you’re not throwing away plastic utensils all the time, and spending the money on them.


Grab your department buddies and jump into waste reduction mode together! Doing things with others is always more fun. Be the trendsetter in the business! Ask your human resources or safety department to find new ways to reduce waste such as installing automatic hand dryers in the bathrooms, company-wide recycling bins in the breakroom, or a breakroom water cooler that easily fills reusable water bottles with fresh, clean water!

Our team really cares about your workplace and the environment. We are making efforts on our end to lessen our waste footprint as individuals and as a company. Ready to do a complete overhaul of your business to reduce your waste footprint, need to get into construction mode to make it happen? Contact Breeding Roll Off Service for a dumpster to haul away all the debris! Give us a call today!

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