What Is Illegal Dumping?

What is Illegal Dumping?

We have all been burdened with bulky debris that is too big for our daily trash pickup. Whether we just finished a large construction project, recently cleaned out the attic, or decided to get rid of old furniture or supplies, it can be tempting to dump the trash at the closest and most convenient location. This is considered illegal dumping, or “midnight” dumping. 

While it may seem easier to get rid of your trash as conveniently as possible, it is worth it to dispose of trash at a designated landfill or use a debris removal service. Dumping illegally not only breaks the law, it also takes away from the beauty of our neighborhoods, negatively impacts human health, and hurts the local economy. Other ways that the staff at Breeding Roll Off Service found include:

Impact On Human Health

Illegal dumpsites are not only unattractive, they are downright dangerous. Disease-carrying mosquitoes make their homes in the stagnant water that sits in old tires and open containers. These conditions often found at illegal dump sites are the perfect breeding ground for these pesky, harmful insects.

There are also many chemical hazards at an illegal dump site. Without regulations on what is being thrown away, hazards such as batteries, asbestos, and toxic cleaning products can saturate the air, ground, and water sources. This contamination can result in respiratory diseases or even cancer with prolonged exposure. 

Lead contamination is another risk to human health caused by illegal dumping.  These sites are notorious for containing high amounts of lead since many homes contain some lead-based paint. If debris from home construction is not disposed of properly, it can cause high levels of lead to enter the environment and increase human exposure. 

Environmental Effect

People aren’t the only ones at risk when illegal dumping occurs. Local wildlife and the surrounding habitats are affected when the debris contaminates the surface and groundwater. This also increases flooding and the risk of fire. Once illegal dumpers establish a site, the existing waste attracts more illegal dumping. This creates a significant strain for the natural area and the health of everyone nearby. 

Impact On The Community

When illegal dumping takes place, everybody suffers. Illegal dumps detract from the natural beauty of a neighborhood, and this reduces community pride and quality of life. People are less likely to visit or buy houses in areas where there are illegal dump sites. Would you want to buy a house or take a day trip near a pile of trash? Illegal dumping hurts the local economy and the people living in the community. 

Solutions To Illegal Dumping

Even with illegal dumping ordinances, neighborhoods can still experience regular illegal dumping.  Communities can decrease these occurrences by having conveniently-placed solid waste-drop off centers and strong local enforcement programs. Businesses and homeowners should learn where and when they can bring their trash, or save precious time by hiring a trash removal service like Breeding Roll Off Service.

Whether people dump illegally to save money, to avoid an extra step, or because they lack a disposal site, the truth remains that illegal dumping is both unattractive and harmful. After your next big house renovation or attic cleanout, take the time to dispose of your trash and debris properly. Resist the urge to dump illegally, and educate others on the dangers of doing so. Be an advocate for responsible trash removal, and protect the health and natural beauty of your community. 

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