Roll Off Truck & Container: Ins & Outs

Roll Off Container diagram

There is a lot that goes into bringing a container to your site. Between the behind the scenes coordination, the certified driver and the actual roll off container itself, there’s a lot of working parts that come into play that make for a smooth drop off. We thought we’d share the “ins and outs” of our roll off truck and container for some interesting insight.

Drive Cam & GPS
All of our trucks are equipped with a drive cam for the safety of our drivers, pedestrians and other motorists. The trucks are also equipped with GPS to help guide our drivers to their destination, and to record government reporting information hands-free.

Tarp Roll
This tarp is hydraulically pulled over the load to secure the debris during transport to the dump.

Dumping Hoists
This part of the truck raises the bed to deliver or pick up a can and to dump the can at the landfill. Within the frame rails is another cylinder and cable system used to pull the can onto the truck.

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
A container that holds the oil fluid required to operate the system and also contains a reserve to cover any losses from minor leakage.

Lift Axle
This axle is lifted from the ground and only touches the ground when it is needed to carry a heavy load.

Safety Latch
This latch is what holds the dumpster in place while the truck is driving down the road.

Can Rollers
The can rollers allow the wheels to facilitate rolling the dumpster in place.

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