Tis the Season… To Clean the Attic?

Attic Cleaning

Whether it’s the holiday hosting that has you in overhaul clean-up mode or if it’s just that time of year for you, Christmas time is the perfect time for cleaning out the attic. While December is busy with all things holiday, it sure is a motivator when it comes to getting your house ready for guests and getting rid of the clutter we let pile up over the year(s). Along with the extra shot of motivation (no espresso needed, score!), December also brings the perfect temperature to clean out the attic instead of sweating through it during the summer. To make your cleaning over-haul easier, we’ve put a list together for you with just 5 steps to getting an organized attic before or after the holidays.

1. Avoid multiple trips… Rent a roll off container.
If you’re cleaning out your attic, there will be plenty to get rid of. It’s a hassle filling your own vehicle full of junk and making multiple trips to the dump. Avoid the headache and rent a dumpster from us here at Breeding Roll Off. It’s as simple as throwing what you don’t want in there and letting us take care of the rest!

2. Remove & sort your belongings.
Taking everything out of the attic gives you a clean surface to start with. Sorting your belongings as you’re taking everything out will save you time and extra steps. Anything you don’t want to trash and may have value, consider donating! There are plenty of local charities and organizations that need donations.

3. Vacuum then sweep!
Vacuum up the debris then sweep. You would think to sweep first but in the case of your attic, it’s actually safer to vacuum first to avoid anything that could harm. (Safety First! Be sure to wear a face mask to prevent breathing in dust and other pollutants.)

4. Inspect insulation, be on the lookout for moisture and mold.
Mold loves warm areas such as your attic. Be on the lookout for any green or black residue while you are cleaning.

5. Organize your belongings
The hard part is done and now the fun can begin! Okay, maybe organizing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the end results certainly will be. Using closed clear bins are a great way to keep your belongings organized and protected from inevitable attic pests. Creating a sense of structure and giving the space some rhyme and reason will make next year’s cleaning that much easier!

It’s no secret that the attic is the single most overlooked part of every home. With everything holiday hosting calls for, the attic is the last place our minds go to. However, a clean attic improves air quality and increases your home's overall hygiene. Having a clean attic before the holidays will put your mind at ease and make you feel like a superhero for getting EVEN the attic cleaned up!

Give Breeding Roll Off Service a call today to secure a dumpster to help your attic overhaul go swiftly.