Backyard Blog Series: Making Room For Pets

backyard renovations

Say hello to the newest installment of the Backyard Blog Series! For the month of June, we are highlighting some awesome DIY backyard projects. When you improve your yard, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors year after year. Let Breeding Roll Off dispose of any yard debris over the course of your project.

Having a backyard can be great for your pets, but pets like dogs need room to run and play. If you have a cramped yard, it can really inhibit your pet from enjoying the great outdoors. Be sure to clear up brush and debris with a container from Breeding Roll Off so your pet can make full use of your yard. You want to make sure that you also pet-proof your yard. If your yard is pet-proof, then you’ll be able to let your pet run free for long periods of time without having to worry. If you really want to get ambitious with your yard, then feel free to build a course for your pet to enjoy, such as a dog run. Let Breeding Roll Off help you get your yard ready for your pet to love!

  • Clearing Your Yard: It doesn’t take long for your yard to get cluttered and overgrown. You should keep a tight schedule when it comes to cleaning your yard. Once you pull all the unwanted brush from the ground, throw it into a container from Breeding Roll Off and our team will be happy to come pick it up. Once your yard is clean, then your pet is sure to love running around freely without having to worry about maneuvering around clutter and debris. Not only is your dog sure to love it, but you are sure to love looking at clean, clutter-free yard!

backyard renovations

  • Pet-Proofing Your Yard: The first task you should complete when pet-proofing your yard is to scan for any harmful chemicals. Fertilizers, pesticides, and even some mulches contain chemicals that could be harmful to your dog or cat. For instance, despite the smell being attractive to animals, cocoa mulch is highly dangerous for pets to ingest. Make sure you also put barriers around spots such as your pool and your firepit so your pet knows to stay out of these dangerous areas. Make sure your pets also have shade and water.
  • Create a Dog Run: If you have a high-energy pet and having an open yard just isn’t enough for them, you can create a dog run for them. A dog run will provide you with peace of mind knowing your dog is safe while still giving them the chance to burn some energy. Find a spot in your yard you think would be best for your dog run, fence in that area, and then build away! The specifics of what your dog run will include and how big it is will depend on the type of dog you own and the dog’s personality. You should also make sure you install some underground fencing around it to ensure your dog doesn’t dig out of the enclosed area. From agility courses to jumps, weave poles, and tunnels, there is a plethora of items you can put in your dog run once it is built. No matter your dog’s breed or size, they are sure to enjoy having a place to burn some energy.

These are just a handful of suggestions you can take to heart in order to improve your yard for the sake of your pet. At Breeding Roll Off Service, we are ready to help you clear your yard of debris with unmatched customer service and roll-off dumpster you are sure to love. Let us deliver the roll off container that you need to get your yard prepped for your pet. Contact us today!

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