Roll Off Dumpster Vs. Dump Trailer?

roll off dumpster

In both commercial and residential industries, waste removal can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Whether you’re concerned about making your overall home renovation budget or concerned of your profit margin and how much waste removal will dip into it, we’re here to lay out the difference between two popular choices and how it’ll affect you. Roll off dumpsters and dump trailers tend to be the most popular choices due to both being efficient options. But- which is really better? Well, that all depends on your project and what you’re looking to get from each option. Let’s dig further into this.

What is a Dump Trailer?
Dump trailers are containers on wheels with high sides that allow you to haul waste to a dump. This can easily attach to your truck or other four-wheel drive vehicle and allows you the mobility to haul the load yourself. But, the functionality is not the same as a roll off dumpster. A dump trailer has different mobility and limits on how much waste they can carry.

Features to consider:
Lifting Mechanism – Telescopic hydraulic or scissor lift.
Dumping Style – Side, rear or bottom.
Size – Ranges from 8-20 feet in length; 12-14 feet is the most common size.
Gates – Single door, barn door, truck bed, mesh or built-in ramps.

What is a Roll Off Dumpster?
A roll off dumpster is a container that is dropped off onto your project site and picked up when you are finished loading the debris into the container. The process of renting a roll off dumpster is more straightforward than a dump trailer, leaving you with just a few factors you need to consider:

Features to Consider:
Size: Here at Breeding Roll Off Service, we carry 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard containers.
Weight: Each dumpster comes with a generous weight limit.
Special Use: While most dumpsters are pretty standard in what kind of waste they can handle, there are some made to handle specific size projects. For more information on that, check here.

Now that you’re familiar with what each option are, it’s time to see how they stack up and dig into the details.

Price Comparison:
A typical dumpster rental is 14 days.

  • The average price to rent a dump trailer ranges from $60-$150 per day
  • One of our most commonly rented containers is a 20-yard dumpster. The national average price of a 20-yard roll off dumpster is around half of what the price for renting a dump trailer and fuel is.
  • Renting a dump trailer for the same length of time would be $600-$1500.

Convenience Comparison:
Dumpsters Pro’s:                                                                          Dump Trailer Pro’s:
No trips to the dump.                                                                    Rubber wheels are better for the property.
Don’t have to empty the waste.                                                   Easily moved.
Ground-level placement makes it easy to load.                       Smaller jobs at different sites can be handled in
No wear-and-tear or repairs.                                                        one trip to the dump

Dumpster Con’s:                                                                            Dump Trailer Con’s:
Hard to move once placed.                                                          Different trailer sizes may require a CDL license.
One roll off can’t be used at multiple sites.                               Have to be to the landfill during business hours.
Steel wheels can be rough on property.                                     Trips to the dump and unloading takes time.

Hauling Comparison:
The best way to determine which option fits your hauling needs is by comparing both option’s hauling capacity and weight limit. Here are a few example projects and how each option compares:

Completing a roof tear-off                           One 20 yard dumpster                   One or more dump trailer
(Up to 6,000lbs)

Cleaning out a home                                     One 30 yard dumpster                   Two dump trailers
(Up to 8,500lbs)

Tearing down a garage                                  One 40 yard dumpster                   Two or more dump trailers
(Up to 12,000lbs)

Dumpster Vs. Dump Trailer: What’s Your Project?
Each project and job site is different and some may call for a dump trailer, while others will require a roll off dumpster. Whichever option sounds like it will fit your project best, be sure to keep the bottom line and best interest of your company as priority. If you’re interested in knowing more about roll off containers and curious which is best for your project, give us a call. Our roll off experts would be happy to help guide you to the most effective waste solution for your needs.

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