Renting a Dumpster in the Winter

Are you ready to check off some items from your to-do list this winter? The long, cold months ahead are a great time to tackle those big projects you put off this summer while you were busy enjoying the sun. Now is the time to rent a dumpster and finally clean out the attic, organize the garage, or clean debris from your yard to prepare for spring. Read on to find out why the winter months are the best time to rent a container from Breeding Roll Off Service and get started on those projects!

A Fresh Start to the New Year

There is nothing more invigorating than completing a project and checking it off your list. If your New Year’s resolution was to avoid procrastination, then you might want to consider renting a dumpster and getting started on those projects. You won’t have to worry about finding an available dumpster to rent because summer is the peak season for container rentals. This means you will find some great deals on your dumpster, leaving more money in your pocket for a new renovation or landscaping in the spring. It’s easy to put things off until spring, but do you want to have a long list of projects as soon as the weather gets warmer? Get started now, and you won’t regret it once the temperature rises.

Dumpster Safety Tips for Winter

When you have your dumpster, our team has gathered a list of some important winter safety tips for our dumpsters to help keep the area clear and efficient.

  • Protect your dumpster from the elements by covering it with a tarp. This prevents snow, ice, and rain for accumulating inside the dumpster.
  • When a storm does hit, keep the path to the dumpster and around it clear from ice and snow. A slippery ground can be hazardous and lead to injury because items going into the dumpster can be heavy, sharp, or have exposed nails.
  • After you clear a path to and around your dumpster, use rock salt to keep the ground from refreezing. Sand also can be used for extra traction.
  • While you are outside, be sure to protect yourself from the elements with appropriate clothing — gloves, hat, jacket, and waterproof pants. Carrying heavy equipment can lead to sweating, which can be dangerous in cold weather. Wearing extra warm layers gives your body more barriers from the elements.
  • Ask for help. The cold increases risks to your heart and other muscles. Having another person or two to share the load will make for quicker and safer work.

A Great Excuse to Get Outside

While it’s tempting to hibernate all winter, a little fresh air and exercise can do a world of good in the coldest months. Once your Breeding Roll Off container is placed on your property, you will be motivated to turn off the television and get moving. All of those trips to and from the dumpster will keep you fit and rejuvenated. 

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from renting a dumpster and getting all of your big projects done. Embrace the winter season like you never have before. Breeding Roll Off Service is here for you this winter to help you manage all of your trash and debris. Are you ready to get started?