Renovating Your Dream She Shed

Renovating My She Shed

While the man cave had a lot of traction back in the 1990s, the she shed has taken storm and taken off. Women too want kid-free, spouse-free retreats – somewhere to garden, read, or simply stare out of the window in solitude. Rightfully so, everyone needs a space to re-load from the world every now and then. However, with the craze often comes the price tag unless you’re willing to get a little creative.

“The best she sheds are built with intention”
says Erika Kotite in her book, ‘She Sheds Style’.

Each shed should be unique to each woman’s traits and interests. Much like a man cave, it should be a place of solitude and comfort. What comforts one person may not comfort the other. To ultimately create your own space, renovating a she shed may be the best option suited for your style.

So… How do you DIY?

In the world of she sheds, prices can vary but the cheapest option is always the DIY route. Whether you have an old shack to renovate, an existing shed or looking to build from scratch – we’ve got a few tips to consider on your next she shed project.

Outbuilding Renovation

Looking to renovate an outbuilding into your dream she shed? Start with clearing out the outbuilding and working with the space you have. Perhaps your outbuilding has really tall ceilings that can allow for hanging storage, or perhaps your outbuilding is a tighter space than you’d like… consider storage and shelving options that will best suit your space. Taking that initial “step back” to plan can not only save you time but also save you money from any last minute changes!

Shed Renovation

This is the most turn-key option when it comes to DIY. If you have an existing shed already, you’ve got half of the work already done for you! There are a few easy tips that can drastically change a space we’re going to let you in on. Simply paint the interior! A white wash or bright color is a simple but chic way to renovate the interior of your shed without breaking the bank. Add some shelves, a bench or a pretty light fixture and you have a super chic looking she shed.

From Scratch

Building from scratch doesn’t have to be expensive. While the convenience of going to a major hardware store is appealing, searching for recycled materials is a much cheaper and resourceful option. It allows a new level of creativity by using solely recycled materials. Think recycled siding, windows, doors, shutters -- the possibilities are truly endless!

Be Prepared for the Clean Up

All major DIY projects create debris, so give us a call for a rented dumpster to avoid the headache of figuring out where to dispose the cleanup. Contact us today and ask about how we can help with your she shed renovation.