What Do I Keep If I Am Moving To A New State?

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Saying goodbye can be hard to do. You have lived in an area for some time and built unique relationships. But a new exciting adventure is on the horizon. The possibilities are endless, and so it seems are the tasks to be completed before your actual move. Our professional team at Breeding Roll Off Service compiled for you a helpful checklist of tasks to complete to minimize the stress of moving. 

Renovating and Cleaning Your Home for the Market

With your house going on the market, many will do renovations to the house to optimize the resale value. The repairs could be minor, or rooms could be redesigned. Your local dumpster rental provider offers a variety of options to store and transport your waste materials to the dump. Old furniture, drywall, used building materials, and other items you want to throw away can be placed in a roll-off container. This will give you the convenience of saving time by not having to take the trash to the dump on your own. This also is a great time to dispose of anything you don’t want to take with you to your new home. Ready for a new sofa? Toss the old one away! (Then you HAVE to get a new one, right?) A dumpster rental gives you the ability to toss items you won’t need or don’t want anymore, freeing up the space to house the items you do want.

Make a Checklist of Things to Keep

Your home is filled with so many memories, but those memories also come with a lot of materials. It can seem overwhelming to think about everything you need to take to the new home. An easy way to sort through your belongings is to make a chart with categories of things you have and want to bring. Keeping a chart will help you not forget anything. You can personalize the chart to your liking. A chart could have categories such as the tried-and-true system of “Keep,” “Donate,” and  “Toss” (with the toss going in the dumpster!). By arranging your belongings in these three groups, you can easily determine where everything will go. This also gives you a chance to compare if an item could be moved from one group to another based on what you already have or don’t have. The biggest thing is this gives you a chance to toss items you don’t have any use for anymore. Renting a roll-off container will be put to perfect use for the items you wish to throw away.

Moving In Also Accumulates Waste

The moving process can create a lot of trash, whether it’s during the “keep, donate, toss” phase or when unpacking at your new abode. There is bound to be boxes, paper, protectors, trash, and more while unpacking. Keep your new home in pristine condition by having a Breeding dumpster outside to collect all the excess boxes, trash, and normal moving waste that collects. This helps eliminate the need for thousands of black trash bags lying around, waste marking up your floors and walls, and keeps the mess outside, giving you more space inside your new home to maneuver yourself and your valuables.

Our team at Breeding Roll Off Service will be happy to answer any questions you have during your move. Call us today for more information.

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