How Do Modern Landfills Protect Our Environment

Trash. Unnecessary waste. Pollution. 

These are words that often come to mind when we think of landfills. However, you may be surprised at how eco-friendly modern landfills are. Modern landfill science has made great strides, and the impact on the environment is a lot less than you might expect. Our professional staff at Breeding Roll Off Service have compiled reasons why modern landfills benefit the environment.

Benefits of Sanitary Landfills

The image of a dirty, toxic, overflowing landfill is a thing of the past. With modern, sanitary landfills, a system of layers separates trash from habitats and allows it to decompose safely. This prevents toxic chemicals and gases from saturating the air, soil, and groundwater. While some methane does escape into the air during decomposition, sanitary landfills are now collecting the methane and using it to generate electricity. These monitored, regulated landfills are a far cry from the open dumps we used to have in the past. Unless there is illegal dumping happening in a community, most of our landfills are working to improve the environment, not hurt it. 

How Sanitary Landfills Work

The secret to healthy landfills is layering. These layers include a clay and plastic liner, a drainage system, and a gas collection system. These layers work together to protect the surrounding soil and water. The environment is continuously monitored to make sure that no gas or chemicals have escaped. If leakage is detected, steps are taken to fix the problem and reduce further damage.

Once a landfill is full, additional steps are taken to protect the site. The top of a full landfill is capped with synthetic plastic and a layer of soil and plants. Then, the area is often used as a local park or green space. 

Smarter Disposal Alternatives

Although modern landfills are much better for the environment than they used to be, we can also reduce the amount of waste going into them. Not everything belongs in a landfill! Organic waste and hazardous materials are better off at special drop-off sites that can deal with this waste in more productive and environmentally-friendly ways. These drop-off centers also provide a solution for the hazardous waste that can negatively affect an otherwise healthy landfill. Paint, cleaning products, and motor oil can be safely disposed of at these sites, making landfills that much more eco-friendly.

Landfills have come a long way. They are no longer the environmental enemies of the past. If we understand how landfills work and what can and can’t decompose there safely, we can ensure that waste is going to its proper place. This will result in a greener, cleaner world for future generations to come. Contact our expert staff at Breeding Roll Off Service for all your waste container needs.