Making the Most of Your Quarantine Life

COVID19 Cleaning

This is a tough time for many families. But it’s also a period of downtime we are not normally accustomed to which, with a positive perspective, can be an opportunity for so many things. For many families, that means getting around to all those spring cleanings and home DIY projects and making that the new routine. There isn’t a whole lot we can control in this situation but we can control what we do with our time through it. Make the most of your time with these options:

Jump Start Your Spring Clean-Out

1. Your garage.
Maybe it’s the perfect time to build your garage home gym you’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s time to finally clean and organize, or create your “man cave”. See step-by-step how to tackle your garage cleanout here.

  1. Your attic.
    No one wants to clean the attic – trust us we know the work that goes into it! But your attic actually affects the airflow and your home’s overall health more than you’d think. See a complete attic clean out guide here. 
  2. The kid’s room.
    With kids out of school and home all the time, take this opportunity to have them help you organize and clean. Make it a game! Kids are much more responsive to helping with chores if it is fun and they get something out of it. Think of a healthy enticement or make it a game to get the most engagement from them. A clean room for a fun outdoor activity or screen time; whatever is good and healthy for your family!
  3. The fridge & pantry.
    Cleaning the fridge might be more routine for most families but the pantry tends to be a whole other story. If you’re like us, cleaning the pantry might only come around when it’s time to donate canned goods or when you accidentally stumble upon that package of gnocchi that expired 6 months ago. Take this time to go through and organize your pantry so you can avoid that super embarrassing gnocchi incident again. (oops!)
  4. Every single junk drawer, closet or room in the house (Yikes!)
    We’re guilty of it too. Those excess pens, that junk mail, those paper clips, rubber bands, notepads, and more… They are all in the junk drawer quarantined together. Ask yourself, do you really need those 6 packs of notepads or the puzzle grandma gave you 3 years ago and you’ve never touched? Take this time to organize and clean out all those secret junk spots.

Or if you’re an over-achiever during quarantine life:

Tackle that Massive Renovation

Tired of looking at that wall you’ve been dying to tear down? Thinking of finally replacing your flooring or windows during this time? If you do tackle that massive renovation you’ve been eyeing and need a dumpster, know that we’re still able to serve you through the quarantine as you’re making the most of your time.

While we continuing to serve you through this time period, rest assured that we are taking every step of caution to best serve our customers. Your safety and well-being is our number one priority here at Breeding Roll Off Service.

If you are showing any symptoms of coronavirus, be sure to seek necessary treatment; see CDC’s website for the latest information and contact your doctor as soon as possible. Stay productive and stay healthy during this quarantine time!