How Do I Prevent Illegal Dumping In My Roll-off Container?

Does your business have a dumpster, and you are continually finding debris inside that is not associated with your company? Do you leave work with an empty waste removal roll-off container only to find it filled when you return in the morning? Unfortunately, you have been hit with a case of illegal dumping — also known as fly-tipping or midnight dumping. Commercial roll-off containers at businesses and on construction sites can all be targets. Our professional staff at Breeding Roll Off Service have several tips to help stop illegal dumping.

Securing Your Roll-off Container

– Locate your dumpster around well-lit street lights, so it is easily visible. 

– Cover your roll-off container with a tarp when the working day is over.

– Adding a fence at your job site enhances your ability to keep unwanted guests off your property.

– Display a warning sign to notify people that dumping is for private use only, and violators will be prosecuted.

– Install a surveillance camera to catch the people dumping illegally in the act. Also, consider hiring night staff to monitor your location.

How Do You Report Illegal Dumping

– If you catch someone in the act of illegal dumping, they can face legal consequences such as fines or possible jail time, depending on the local and state laws. Violators can be reported to the EPA or local authorities.

– Make a note of the exact placement and address of your roll-off container.

– Document the date and timeframe when the illegal dumping occurred.

– If you can get it, provide a license plate number to help identify the people involved. 

– Gather a description — physical features and clothing — of the people or person involved with the illegal dumping. 

Becoming a victim of illegal dumping causes more issues than just paying for someone else to store their trash in your dumpster. Lastly, you know what type of trash to you putting in your roll-off container, but when an unknown person starts adding their waste, you could have unknown prohibited materials in your dumpster. This could lead to a variety of safety violations. Our professional staff at Breeding Roll Off Service will be happy to answer any questions regarding placing a dumpster at your business, along with providing more information on how to combat illegal dumping. Give us a call today!

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