local roll-off

When loading up your dumpster, there is a particular process that you should follow to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your container.

  1. Load objects you can compress first. Make sure they’re flat against the bottom of your container. If you have objects that can be compressed, such as foam or cardboard boxes, then you should put those at the very bottom of your container. This allows those objects to be flat and pressed against the bottom of your dumpster. This will minimize the space that is occupied so you can stack other trash on top of those flat surfaces.
  2. Load the bulkier items next. The more bulky trash should be put in next, as these objects will take up the most room. With all that open space, you’ll be able to position these objects as you need to so they can all fit.
  3. Fill in open spaces with smaller objects. Once you put all of the bigger objects into the dumpster, you should put all of the smaller stuff in to fill in the gaps.
roll-off service

If you properly fill your dumpster, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you have optimized your dumpster use. Don’t get a larger dumpster than you need, as you can save by getting one that fits exactly what you need. Our professional team can help you estimate the appropriate container size for your project.

We’ll instruct you how to load the dumpster, and how to avoid overfilling it, to get the best bang for your buck. An overflowing dumpster can lead to wasted time and wasted money. Give our office a call to rent a roll off dumpster for your project or jobsite today.