How to Keep Pests Away from Your Dumpster

While your dumpster may not be with you very long, it doesn’t take much time at all for pests to creep in without any invitation. From tiny creepy crawling pests to larger nuisances, you don’t want anything other than debris in your dumpster. Luckily, we’ve got you in mind and want to share these helpful tips to avoid all pests in your dumpster rental.

Refrain from Food Waste
It can be tempting to throw anything and everything in the dumpster while on your property – Hey, we get it! It’s convenient! However, if avoiding pests is something that peaks your interest, make it a point to not add any food waste in your dumpster. Food is known for rotting and stinking up an area in no time at all, which is all the appeal to critters such as squirrels, raccoons and possums. And flies will be ready to make your dumpster rental their home which then opens the door for even sneakier pests. Avoid the trouble by keeping the food waste away entirely. Have a separate repository on-site for food waste that can be removed nightly.

Dumpster Placement
Placing the dumpster on grass or mulch is a clear invitation for insects and rodents to come on up and over the dumpster walls.  Placing your dumpster on concrete or gravel reduces their invitation. Furthermore, should something leak out of your container, placement on concrete or gravel takes away the concern of it leaking into the ground water.

Accessorize Your Dumpster
Sorry to disappoint, bling accessories probably won’t keep the rodents away. However, a cover on your dumpster will keep out smaller rodents. While larger pests such as raccoons may sneak under these covers, smaller rodents will not be as resourceful. Try using a tightly sealed tarp. Ask us about where you can find a cover to assure you keep those pests out.

Use Repellents
If you absolutely must put contents in the dumpster that you know are going to attract pests, try using a natural repellent. A dilution of ammonia and water is a natural repellent to keep pests away, however, be mindful of any nearby landscaping as ammonia can cause damage to your plants. Also remember to reapply the repellent if a rain shower comes through.

At Breeding Roll Off Services, we’ll work with you to keep your rental free of pests and keep your job site as clean as possible. Contact us today and let’s talk about all the options available to you.