How Can I Avoid Property Damage?

Dumpster Safety

Tips to Keep Your Property Safe

When the time comes to clean house, and you're looking for a safe, residential solution for disposal, rent a dumpster! Perhaps you need a seasonal purge, are flipping a property, or are looking for a useful way to declutter excess "stuff" you've accumulated over the years? If renting a dumpster is on your to-do list, but you are hesitant to place a big, heavy metal box onto your well-kept lawn or driveway, our team has some helpful tips to ensure you accomplish your project and have peace of mind. Once we deliver your roll-off container, it is then up to you as to how you care for your rental and your yard. Renting a dumpster is the way to go when eliminating your clutter, but protecting your property is just as important. Here are a few preventative tips to avoid property damage and maximize your dumpster rental experience.

Consider Size And Location

First, decide what size dumpster you will need to complete your mission, and we will gladly help you decide the most appropriate location in which it should be placed. We have the knowledge of where it can and cannot go, industry-wise, and you have the best knowledge of your property. We will work together to get the job done with the simplest solution possible! We recommend that you take note of the substantial weight of your dumpster when choosing a location, then estimate the overall length as they range from 20 to 40 yards long. If you are undergoing a major construction process, we recommend the 40-yard dumpster. In choosing a location, we know that you want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so take charge and place it with purpose. When picking the perfect spot, steer clear of potential soft patches or sinking ground to avoid unwanted impressions. Your best bet is a solid and flat surface, preferably in the shade.

Clear the Path

If you choose the driveway, make sure there is enough space to easily access your dumpster and still be able to come and go as you please in your vehicle. Consider what will be the most traveled path to your dumpster, and clear a foot trail to avoid trampling over your fresh cut grass and immaculate landscape. You can lay down strips or planks of plywood and create a walking path to navigate obstacles. You may also want to place protective boards underneath your roll-off container to ensure even weight distribution and a scratch-free driveway. 

Dumpster Safety

Toss Responsibly

What goes up must come down, which is why it is not wise to overfill your dumpster. We suggest you don't push the limit or else you are at risk of spillage onto your property during the time of pickup. Although wooden boards may keep you covered below, we recommend utilizing a tarp on top of your roll-off container and keeping it tidy around the perimeter. Not only does this keep away squirrels, raccoons, and other unwanted critters from venturing inside your bin and causing a ruckus, it also prevents the trash from flying onto your lawn or someone else's property. We agree that the purpose of using a dumpster is to throw away anything that you wish, but we do ask that you avoid tossing out hazardous waste. This includes waste such as pesticides, motor oil, and toxic household cleaning chemicals that could result in harmful outcomes. 

Breeding Roll Off Service shows careful consideration for the appearance and safety of your property. Throughout your dumpster rental experience, we take strides to help you prepare and avoid any damage to your yard. We accommodate for your projects and offer several different sizes, so give us a call today to schedule your delivery and have all of your questions answered.

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