What Is The Best Way To Clean My Garage?

garage clean up

If you can clear your schedule for one weekend, you can have the pristine, organized garage of your dreams. With these practical tips, you can clear out the clutter, organize your belongings, and start enjoying your garage again. Read on to learn how to tackle this task in two days or less. 

Clear Everything Out

This can be time-consuming, but being able to see everything that is in your garage will help you figure out what can stay and what can go. Start with the floor closest to the garage door, and then work your way in. Don’t forget to clear out shelves, items hanging on hooks, and any cabinets or closets as well. 

Categorize Your Belongings 

Create piles outside of your garage: keep, donate, or throw out. Make sure your entire garage has been cleared out before bringing anything back in. Move your keep pile back into the garage so you can spend the second day reorganizing and finding everything perfect place. Donations can go right in your car to take to charity organizations, and the trash items that are too big for your regular pickup will need to go to a dump site. If you do not have a bulk pickup or you have a lot of large, heavy items to throw away, consider using a trash removal service. The professionals at Breeding Roll Off Service will be happy to take your unwanted items away so that you can keep working on your weekend project. 

Be Selective About What You Keep

As you decide on what to keep, be honest about whether it is something you actually use. If you have two tools that do the same thing or a set of golf clubs that you haven’t used in ten years, then you should consider donating these items to save space and reduce unnecessary clutter. Hold on to tools that would be expensive to rent or difficult to borrow as well as anything that you have used at least once in the past year. 

Clean Up The Empty Space

Before you bring anything back into the space, sweep out leaves, dirt and debris. Give the floor a good mop, and dust any shelves, counters, or cabinets. Disinfect the door handles and light switches, and wipe the walls down with a warm, soapy cloth. 

Choose An Organization System

If you want to avoid a cluttered, overflowing garage in six months, choose an organization system that works for you. Consider adding shelving units, hooks, or pegboards to store items that you reach for on a regular basis. Make sure everything has a place. If you tend to forget where things go, you might add labels to different sections of your garage to take your organization to the next level. Make a daily habit to put everything back in its place before the end of the day.

In just one weekend, you can clear out the clutter and make your garage a functional space in your home. Take your time, be selective, and get organized. With these tips, your garage will be open, airy and inviting. Give us a call for any more tips today!

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