What Are The Best Ways To Clean This Fall?

fall cleaning tips

As the leaves turn beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow, we know you’re gearing up for a busy, productive fall season. And here at Breeding Roll Off Service, we are too! Our team of roll off professionals can help you complete a job well done! Like many homeowners, you probably take pride in having a well-manicured property. It’s lots of work in the sizzling summer months …. All the weeding, cutting, trimming, picking, planting … whew we’re tired already remembering! But a good cleanup before fall really sets in will help your yard during this season switch.

Here are a few environmentally friendly fall cleanup activities that can help you keep your yard in check before the mercury starts creeping down the thermometer. Completing these items now in the autumn help with minimal maintenance in the cold tundra of the winter:

Clean off all patio and deck furniture. 

We recommend hosing them down, letting them dry, and then storing them indoors for the season. Outdoor fixtures such as playgrounds and slides should also be cleaned, and all toys that can be kept indoors (such as bicycles, sandboxes, and yard toys) should also make their way into storage.

Rake and bag fallen leaves and other debris.

Clean up and bag those crispy critters that keep falling from the trees. Don’t forget those “forgettable places” such as gutters, downspouts, and deck/patio surfaces. Be careful of insects burrowing in leaf piles. Leaves should not be left on your yard. Have a lot of yard debris and not going to use it for mulch, Breeding Roll Off can provide you with a dumpster for packing and hauling away.

Put those hoses away!

Wrap up all hoses and fixtures once they are no longer needed and store them indoors.

Clean those windows

Clean windows and screens inside and out using environmentally friendly glass cleaner. There are many choices out there, but make sure to choose one that is free of toxic chemicals. With kids and pets often staring out the windows making those “window art” on your glass with their tongues, using chemical-free, non-toxic products is the way to go.

Clean the flue!

Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned. Safety is the main reason for this action, because a blockage in your chimney is a fire hazard, especially in the winter months.

Is your yard cleanup a little more than you expected? Did you decide to do a complete revamp while cleaning up? Then give us a call today to order a dumpster for your project. Breeding Roll Off Service is committed to providing top-shelf service. We will always deliver and pick-up your roll-off container at a time that is most convenient for you, and are always here to address your questions concerns. Call or visit us today to schedule!

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