How Much Space Do I Need for My Dumpster?

Space Needed-Diagram

How big is the average commercial dumpster?
First, you need to determine the dumpster size you need. For further information on how to do that, check out this resource. Whether you’re a small business owner or oversee a large organization, it’s important to have the right size dumpster to handle your needs comfortably on your property.

Breeding Roll Off provides 15, 20, 30, and 40 yard dumpsters to manage the waste of your restaurant, retail store, construction site and more.

Size                                        Dimensions
15 Yard                                 5’ H x 8’ W x 11’ L
20 Yard                                 3.5’ H x 8’ W x 20’ L
30 Yard                                 5’H x 8’ W x 22’ L
40 Yard                                 7’ H x 8’ W x 22’ L

Our skilled drivers can fit our dumpsters in practically any small space. As long as you have the room stated above for the desired dumpster, and a 21 feet height clearance, we can make it work!

How much room does the delivery truck need to maneuver?
It’s essential to keep your dumpster clear and accessible at all times. Choosing an area free of tree limbs, hanging wires, unattended cars or any obstructions that might block our truck’s access is essential. Also, double-check that the dumpster can be reached by employees without causing an obstruction to nearby traffic.
In addition to the space needed for your dumpster, you’ll need to clear the way and have enough clearance for pick-up and delivery. Here’s a quick peek at our delivery truck clearance:

Approach Length                             Lifting Height
60 feet                                                21 feet

You’re ready for your dumpster service!
Keep these tips and measurements in mind to find the right spot for your container and streamline your commercial dumpster delivery. If you have further questions or have a scenario you’d like to run by us, we’re just a quick call away. Contact us today to set up your roll off dumpster rental.