Should I Use The Dump Or Rent A Container?

Do you accumulate a lot of waste at your job site, home, or business? Do you wonder if how you dispose of your waste is efficient? Two of your options include taking your materials to the dump yourself or a dumpster rental from your local dumpster service dealer. Our professional staff at Breeding Roll Off Service is happy to provide between the differences of using the dump yourself and having your container. 


The idea of loading your pickup truck with trash and taking it directly to the dump seems pretty straightforward. You make your own schedule, and you know what you are hauling to the dump. But those ideas are very misleading. The amount an average pickup truck can hold is far less than what a 15-yard roll-off container can hold. This will cause you to take multiple trips to the dump for what a single dumpster can hold. Having to load your pickup takes a lot of time and effort by having to secure the contents. With a dumpster, you can throw what you need directly in and fill it until it is full. After you load it, your local container removal service provider removes the container, so you don’t have to dispose of it.


Your transport vehicle sure can take a beating having to load waste and debris over and over. Trucks are very tough, but the wear and tear can limit your truck’s life going to and from the dump over and over with a full load. A roll-off container is built to take the pounding of what you throw away. Metal, nails, steel, boards, construction material with mold, and more all are easily stored in the dumpster. There are no worries of a nail coming loose and being run over by your truck, causing a flat tire. 

Busy Life

You can rent a roll-off container for many purposes — construction site, running a contracting company, moving to a new home, or clearing a house after a relative’s death. You are busy, and you definitely have a lot on your plate, and a dumpster rental is a great way to take some of the burdens away. It is effortless to discard your waste in a dumpster rather than planning how you or someone else will load the trash and find time to drive it to the dump personally. Just make it simple, save your time, and use a dumpster. 

Reliable Service

The best part about having a dumpster rental is our professional team at Breeding Roll Off Service can work with your schedule for the ultimate convenient experience. We will work with you to find out what type of roll-off container you need. With different sizes, you can choose the size that best fits your needs. You know your schedule the best so we can make sure to clear your dumpster at the most convenient time, so your day goes uninterrupted. 

Give us a call today. We look forward to working with you and answering your questions.

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