Breeding Bill Walk-Through

Whether you’re wondering what specific charges mean, or are just unsure of when you’ll be charged for your dumpster, we want to simplify the process and walk you through every step. True to our core promise of offering a straightforward roll off dumpster service, our invoices for our commercial and residential dumpster services are clear and easy to read.


Invoice #: This is the number in which we will reference to pull up your roll off container transaction.

Date: This is the day your invoice was created.

Total Due: This is the complete balance due from the roll off container transaction.

Due Date: This date will begin the 30 days of your period to pay.

Terms: This field allows us to put your time allotted for payment. The typical pay period is 30 days from the invoice creation.

Description: The size roll off container you rented will be listed here. (See example above: “Service of 30 Yard Cans”)
Activity: This will list the activity with your roll of container. Here are a few examples of actions you might see in this field:

Landfill Tipping Charge: This charge refers to the amount of tons your load was and how that translated to the cost at the dump area. This price is dependent on the number of tons that were within your roll off container, this number will be found under the “QTY” field.

Swap of Cans: This means you have an existing dumpster rental on-site and need it “swapped out” for a new can. This fee includes picking up the existing can.

Delivery of Cans: With the “swap of cans” field above, comes a fee for the delivery of the new can as it’s dropped off at your site. This fee refers to the drop off of the new can.

Job costs can vary depending on the quantity of containers and their placement, but we always ensure fair and flat-rate pricing. We make sure you aren’t paying more than your neighbor’s two doors down. We care about your business and your wallet, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to prepare your new building for business. Contact us today to see how we can serve your next commercial or personal renovation.