Before You Trash It…

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Don’t throw that out yet! Before you throw trash away, keep in mind that it could be recycled into some fun projects around the house! We know you’re thinking “but you’re a dumpster company?” Your local roll-off service has some fantastic projects in mind that could turn your trash into a treasure the whole family can enjoy. From flower gardens where Mom can plant her tulips to playground equipment that the kids are sure to enjoy, there are a bunch of fun ways you can reuse your trash. Before you toss something in the dumpster, make sure you check the list below so you can see how to get additional mileage out of it!

1. Turn a Pallet into a Flower Garden

Start by making sure your pallets are clean Then lay your garden fabric on the back (open end). Make sure it is enough to overlap on top. Staple the fabric to your pallet and then turn it over once secure so you can staple the top side. This will allow you to seal dirt inside the pallet. Once the bed is crafted, put it in the spot you want it. When it is placed correctly, load it up with topsoil and start planting away!

2. Turn Pallets into a Table/Desk

The supplies needed for this project will depend on the type of table you want to make. You’ll most likely need a hammer and some nails plus a cutting device to cut the wood into the appropriate size. You could craft one with a glass top to add a more modern look or paint it the color you want so it can match the rest of your home. There are a ton of different table and desk designs that you can craft from your pallets. See what supplies you have available so you can put together a table that fits what you need.

local roll-off

3. Turn Tires into Playground Equipment

If you have kids or grandchildren, then you probably know how expensive it can be to buy playground equipment. Instead of going out and purchasing an all-new teeter-totter, all you need is a board and a tire to make your very own tire-totter. Cut that tire in half and then place the board on the section where you cut. You can then decorate your tire-totter however you want. You can also turn that tire into a classic tire swing, so you can hang it from a tree in your backyard. If your kids are climbers, then stack your tires together so you can make your own jungle gym of sorts. All you have to do is safely bolt the stacks together and decorate them how your kids want.

4. Turn a Tire into a Planter

If you have a green thumb and some extra tires laying around, then you can turn those tires into planters. One of the best ways to do this is by using an empty wooden spool and then cutting it out to be the same size as your tire. That will be the bottom of your planter. Just to be safe, you should place a plastic planter tray between the wood and your topsoil, so your wood doesn’t get wet from the plants and begin to rot. Once you have crafted your planter, decorate it, place it where you want, and then fill it up with soil so you can plant whatever you want to grow!

5. Decorate Using Scrap Metal

You don’t just have to make things for your yard when you reuse your trash, you can also make some fun decorations for inside the house. Using scrap metal is one of the best ways you decorate your home affordably while still being green. From wood saw coat-hangers to chairs made from old oil drums, there are a number of ways to reuse stuff that you might normally throw away. Turn those old, rusted machine gears into table tops for a quaint, turn-of-the-century feel to any room it occupies. Before you throw something out, make sure that it can’t be reused for some great decorations in your home!

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