Holiday Waste

Cut the Waste This Holiday

While the holiday season is full of giving, receiving, feasting and decorating, it all has one thing in common: extra baggage – trash baggage that is! Trash cans full of holiday meals, toy packaging, gift wrapping, bows and ribbons all contribute an additional one million tons of waste PER WEEK to our landfills. This year, consider these tips below to save waste and work on your part for clean up!

Reduce waste by:

Gifting an experience
Not only will gifting your loved ones an experience save you money, but it’ll also save a great deal of wrapping paper waste. Consider some of these waste-less ideas:

  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event
  • Gift Certificates to dinner, a massage, a spa (or…maybe even a Breeding Roll Off dumpster gift certificate if they’re doing a home renovation or involved DIY project!)
  • Memberships to a local museum, zoo, gyms, societies!

Reuse materials around your home
Try using last year’s Christmas cards for your gift tags. Reuse that beautiful gift bag mom gave you last year for a friend this year. If you didn’t keep last year’s gift bags and you aren’t able to reuse, try thinking outside the box! Turn finding the gift into a game such as a treasure hunt. Giving the recipient clues or a map of where to find them requires zero wrapping and makes for a fun exchange!

Donate what you don’t need!
We’re all guilty of getting gifts during the holiday season and adding it to the “regift pile”. Use the downtime after the holidays in your favor to clean out old clothes or items that have been replaced by new gifts. Look into local charities in your area to determine what each location needs.

Less is always more
When giving a gift, choose items of value and meaning. Steer clear of items that will be destined for next year’s yard sale, regifted or even worse, trashed.

Here at Breeding Roll Off Service, we are always making efforts to lessen our waste footprint and what better time than the holidays to keep that in check. Give us a call if you have any questions about what should be recycled this holiday season or how we can help with your future roll off service needs!