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Looking for a large dumpster or container that has the space you need for all of your larger projects?

The professionals at Breeding Roll Off Service recommend that you check out our 40-yard containers for rent. With an astonishing height of 7 ft., a width of 8 ft., and a length of 22 ft., these are the largest containers that we offer and are perfect for those jobs that require massive amounts of room for all your heavy-duty trash. They are fantastic for extensive projects like construction, cleaning out an entire house, or even some intense yard work.

We recommend that you use a 40-yard container for the following:

  • Replacing windows or siding: A 40-yard container definitely will come in handy whenever you are replacing the windows and sidings of your house, especially when it comes time to get rid of that excess glass.
  • Roof replacement: When it is time to replace your roof, there will be old shingles and other waste.
  • Cleaning out a building: Naturally, you’re going to have waste and trash left over after you clean out a large warehouse or office building.
  • Major Construction: If you are in the middle of building a new building or a long-awaited addition to your home, you certainly will want to use a 40-yard container for all of your refuse.

Choosing The Right Dumpster

Here at Breeding Roll Off Service, your source for local roll-off containers, we strongly suggest that you select the container that has the exact size you need. It is important because having the wrong-sized container is such a hassle and can end up costing you large amounts of money and time. That is why you should speak with the experienced staff at your local roll-off service about your project and let us help you choose the most compatible container for your needs, like our popular 40-yard container.

The professionals at Breeding Roll Off Service cannot wait to show you our 40-yard containers and assist you in properly taking care of your projects. Contact us about renting one today!

roll-off service