15-yard containers


Are you searching for a container or dumpster that is a little larger than the standard and can handle all of your large renovation projects? Then the experienced team at Breeding Roll Off Service suggests you check out our 15-yard roll-containers. 

With a height of 5 ft., a width of 8 ft., and a length of 11 ft., these are containers that are a little more compact than our 20-yard containers, yet are still big enough to accommodate that house remodeling you have always wanted to tackle. These 15-yard roll-off containers also can hold plenty of debris that naturally accumulates after your work is finished. 


A 15-yard roll off container can typically handle around four to five pickup truck loads of debris, which amounts to roughly 4,000 to 6,000 lbs. That means it is sturdy and versatile enough to be very useful for all sorts of work. We suggest that you use a 15-yard roll-off container for rent for projects such as:

 - Cleaning Up A Work Site. A 15-yard dumpster definitely has plenty of space to hold the debris and refuse that can come from completing that long-awaited project.

 - Construction Jobs. A 15-yard roll-off container is great for those small construction jobs. It’s perfect for hauling away scrap metal, discarded pieces of wood, and a lot more. Building a new office building or a playground for the local schools, give us a call today!

 - Home Renovations. From finally clearing out the attic to rolling up your sleeves and getting your garage all organized, having a 15-yard roll-off container is highly beneficial.

 - Municipal Solid Waste Removal. Small 15 yard dumpsters can be used for small common areas and neighborhoods. Give us a call to ask about how our 15-yard dumpster could be used for your municipality.

Still unsure whether a 15-yard roll-off container will be the best asset for your projects? Give the dedicated team at Breeding Roll Off Service a call because we are here to help! We understand that having the wrong-sized roll-off dumpster can be extremely frustrating and can even delay your work. No one wants to experience that, which is why we are proud to be your go-to experts on roll-off containers for rent. Contact us today about our 15-yard roll-off containers!

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